Payment Gateway Solution for PSPs, ISOs & Acquirers

Credit & Debit Card · 3D Secure · Recurring Billing · Fraud Scrubbing · Advanced Reporting


Beyond the financial benefit of having a residual income stream for your business,

our white label partners enjoy several key benefits to all your ecosystem

The PSP/Acquirer

you’ll be able to provide your clients with a leading receivables and payment processing solution all in one

The Merchants

your clients will now be able to accept payments more ways than ever, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ACH, eWallet, Mobile POS. you name it, we have it!

The ISOs

Let your partners do the lead generation, our powerful gateway solution takes them in account with automatic commission calculation and real time dashboard just for them


Our Gateway has every feature you need to build your Empire

All Card Types

Our Gateway comes already connected with multiple acquirers that offer Visa/MasterCard Credit and Debit Card, China Union Pay (CUP), Thai Baht, JCB, American Express, Diner & Discover

All Currencies

Your merchants can accept USD, EUR, CAD and more than +!25 other currencies

3DSecure or Server-2-Server

Some merchants are riskier than others, either let them collect and post card data, or simply redirect their users to a hosted payment form

Recurring Billing

Collect card data once and automatically charge a customer every week, month or semester. The billing period is flexible and the card are stored in a secure 3rd party vault

Geo Fencing

Your merchant can’t or don’t want to accept payments from a list of countries ? we got you covered our intelligent payment filtering module can accept or reject payment based on buyer’s location (using a combination of the IP address and the credit card’s BIN number)

Fraud Scrubbing & Velocity Check

Worried about dirty merchants ? Our powerful fraud scrubbing mechanism will check the card data against a negative database, and correlate IP address, location & card BIN to decide wether or not the transaction is fraudulous

Multi Tiered Pricing

Some merchants will have a growing volume. instead of renegociating the rates every time, you simple set a tiered pricing structure and the gateway will automatically switch gears when the merchant is elligible for a tier jump!

Advanced Reporting

Search through millions of transactions in a fraction of seconds based on all possible criterias (card type, name, MID, date, price range, transaction status …) the possibilities are endless!

HTML5 Desktop & Mobile Dashboard

We’ve followed strict modern frontend technologies such as HTML5 , CSS3 and Responsive design, making our dashboard compatible with every browser and device ! Mobile and Desktop.


RESTful open API architecture, interactive online documentation, and an accessible feedback mechanism make integration simple for developers. Our Gateway’s flexibility encourages developers to build their own payment apps in a matter of minutes !

Multiple MIDs per Merchant

Some merchant may need multiple MIDs, one for each currency / industry or bank. Our gateway make it very easy and simple for them to manage multiple MIDS from just one account.

ISO Dashboard & Reporting

Outsource your lead generation and give commissions to Independant Sales Organizations. our Gateway will automatically calculate the ISO’s commissions and will show a real time report on their own dashboard


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